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This is by far our most favorite place we have had my daughters birthday party at! It is so clean and the kids had a blast. The great thing is that we had the entire facility to ourselves for the party and didn't have to worry about sharing with multiple parties. It is a one of kind place that can entertain small and big kids. The staff did an excellent job making our event super special and took care of absolutley everything for us, which allowed me to actually enjoy my daughters birthday party even more. We did not have to set up, clean up and the coordination of the party was handled perfectly! The staff is so caring and they made this one of the most special and fun parties thus far!!
added: 04/30/2010

We could not have picked a better place to celebrate my daughter's birthday. Since the moment we walked through the door, I genuinely felt that Gilbert and the entire staff cared about having a special event and did not treat it as "just another party". The set-up and attention to detail were extraordinary and ensured my family had a great time and not worry about details...We had a wonderful party and a Party Coordinator! Thank you for your innovative ideas and maintaining a well organized and clean facility. It's been a couple of weeks and our friends are still talking about the Rock Star Party and Just Add Children.
added: 03/16/2010
This place was great! The owner and staff were extremely helpful and friendly. You don't have to worry about it being loud and your kids running around some germ infested area. The ages we had for my daughter's 1st birthday ranged from 3 months to 15 years and not to mention a couple of dads joining in on the fun. They even had a couple of baby bouncers and jumpers along with a kitchen, air hockey, WII, dress up area, etc. It was nice being just "family and friends" and we will definitely be returning for more parties to come.
added: 03/10/2010
This is a wonderful place, all my children love it and I never stop telling people about it. It is small enough that you can keep on eye on your kids without going crazy trying to find them when they zoom across the room, but still big enough that it never gets to crowded to the point the kids are not comfortable playing. This place is awesome, I have been to many play places with the same idea, but this is by far the best!
added: 02/23/2010
Wow, my family and I enjoy JAC's. The rooms are very clean and Gilbert is great with the kids. I do want to comment on Deena's response. I know as a fact that the kids safety always comes first to Gilbert and unpredictable maintance calls may come up but I am greatful for Gilbert in protecting my childs welfare.i also know that if I am going
early I always call like the website states. So Gilbert keep up the great work!!!!!!!!
Cheryl Johnson
added: 02/19/2010
Since my daughter was born 3 years ago, my wife and I make a point to pick neat places for her b-day. My wife found this place and it was AWESOME. The staff was friendly and the place was super clean(which I'm really pickie about...germs!). I highly recommend it.
added: 02/17/2010
We just celebrated my daughter's third birthday there & I can't say enough good things about JAC! Gilbert was AWESOME with all of my guests, the place was immaculate and most importantly I wasn't stressed out! The party was a breeze and everyone had fun. The Strawberry Shortcake character came out & everone was excited & all got to take indivdual pics w/the character..even the adults!! We were never rushed and the owner made this birthday a great experience for my daughter & me! Thank you again & yes...we will be having future parties there!
added: 12/28/2009
I loved Just Add Children, my 2 year old had a blast! The owner is very nice and helpful, you even get a snack from him when you leave, yummy! I would highly recommend this indoor playground for your children under 5.
added: 10/12/2009
With 102 degree weather outside, JAC is ideal for both parents and children! What a great way to spend the afternoon, my 3 year old got plenty of exercise with the bouncers as well as use of his imagination with the playhouse and dress up room! The best part was I did'nt have to worry about the heat factor. I definately recomend visiting JAC, there was even accomidations for my infant! My 3 year old can't wait to go back!!!!
added: 09/02/2009
My family LOVES this place. We recently celebrated my daughter's first birthday here and we were thrilled with the prices, atmosphere, and food!! Gilbert, the owner was a GREAT host and WONDERFUL with all the kids!! When you have a party at JAC, your party is the only one happening... there are not numerous parties happening at one time like most places. Gilbert will give your party undivided attention and he will make it stress free for you!
Also, he is very flexible when preparing your party with you.... you are not limited at JAC!!!
I love it here too because it is wonderful for babies who are unable to walk yet, they have a section for them too!!
This place is also VERY CLEAN!!!
Thanks Gilbert for making our daughter's first birthday a memorable one!!!
added: 08/20/2009
We LOVE this place. Gilbert, the owner, treats us like family every time we come in. He makes a point to learn your kiddo's names so they always feel welcome. The price is wonderful and the best part is that our toddler can have just as much fun as our preschooler. With a toddler/baby area to rival all others, dress up bounce houses and much more, we could spend all day there. The best part is WE CAN! You can bring outside food in or get your hand stamped and come back after nap or lunch. It's always so clean and easy to spot your child unlike other play places where you constantly chase them, this one is perfect for the whole family. My husband and I even have a good time and look forward to our visits to JAC!
added: 08/14/2009
My daughter and I have had a wonderful time at J.A.C. We especially enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and being able to bring in our own snacks. For just a few dollars you can really entertain your little one for hours & hours! Definately worth the visit!!!!!
Jo Ann
added: 08/14/2009
I love this place. It is very affordable at $5 for open play. My son (2 years old) loves playing here. I have been to another playplace closer to my house and I would definately recommend this one.
added: 08/13/2009
Both of my boys (12 months and 2 1/2) love Just Add Children. It has a good mix of "action" such as bouncy houses and slides along with slower paced pretend play like dress up, a kitchen and some infant toys too. Another bonus is you can take your lunch with you and eat it there which you can't at most places. The owner, Gilbert, is very friendly and welcoming and I think it's just a great atmosphere. I have to drive about 30 minutes from my house to get there but for us it's worth the drive. There is another indoor kids play place that's a little closer but I drive the extra distance to Just Add Kids because i think it's better.
added: 08/12/2009
My three children (2, 4 and 5) had a blast. The jumping castles were safe, the music was kid friendly and they loved to play dress up.
Will R
added: 08/12/2009
Just Add Children is just plain good clean family fun at a very affordable $5.00 open play for all day! I love the murals that are hand painted with different themes from our childhood days along with the gigantic moon jump with a slide. The snacks are also available. We really enjoy the reading area as an educational break from all the other activities.
added: 08/12/2009
This is a great place to bring your kids! As everyone has mentioned, the owner is super friendly and the whole environment is fun and clean. It's small enough that you can easily supervise kids, especially if you also have an infant, like I do, but there's plenty to do!
added: 08/12/2009
My children and I love coming to JAC! It's very clean and there are lots of play areas to keep the kids busy. The owners are very friendly and are wonderful with the kids.
added: 08/12/2009
Time just passes us by everytime we go. My daughter has so much fun. I love that they have two bouncers...one for younger kids and the second for older kids (and parents). It is so much fun! It's kept so neat and clean, and Gilbert is so sweet! I'm glad they opened up Just Add Children.
added: 08/12/2009
JAC is awesome! We had an hour of free time before heading home to start dinner and ended up staying for 3 hours!! The price can't be beat, the owner is the friendliest i've met yet, and my daughter couldn't get enough!
added: 08/11/2009
My playgroup and I love this place. Gilbert is very friendly and great w/ the kiddos. The place is clean and has great toys for kids of all ages..
Recently I attended a birthday party there, my son and I had a wonderful time!
added: 08/11/2009
My 3 year old son has a great time at JAC. The first time we stopped by ended up being about 3 hours. I prepaid 6 more visits knowing we would be back. I highly recommend it. They even have video games, but my son was too entertained with everything else to stop and play them. That's a good thing.
added: 08/11/2009
My Mommy group and I just love this place, they have a great set up and Gilbert is super friendly. I have even been to a birthday party here and they did an exceptional job!!!
added: 08/11/2009
We enjoyed our visit. The owner is very friendly and there are plenty of areas of play to keep siblings with a large age difference happy and active.
Nicole B.
added: 08/11/2009
I love J.A.C! I have 2 boys, and my 3 year old son has a blast! He loves the bounce house, play kitchen/house area, basketball and slides. The prices are reasonable and I LOVE that you can bring in outside food. We often pack our lunches and go with a group of friends.
added: 08/11/2009
My kids love just add children because it has so many different areas to play. Also, is fun if you go with a group because the moms can talk and socialize and still supervise the kids :) The owner is a very nice person and gives an excelent service.
added: 08/11/2009
I'm giving Just Add Children a five star rating for many reasons. First of all, they have different areas of play for all ages. I also like that they don't have just inflatable play, but also dress up areas, a toddler play area, a reading nook, and a play "house". Second, the price is very reasonable for open play. We plan on having our daughter's third birthday party there in September and I think it's going to be a great party! I definitely recommend Just Add Children to everyone!
Stacie Healy
added: 08/10/2009
my boys love just add children.they love the video games to the bounce slides.very frendly place and safe for kids.if the boys could they would be there every day.I highly recommend it to any body.
added: 08/10/2009